Holy Startups!

Tired of Top 2011 posts yet?  Well we’ve got one more for you.  A little late to the game, you say?  Well we wanted to save the best for last. 

 This year social media matured as a marketing and communication medium.  We saw and tested a number of different platforms and apps, for both professional and personal use.  Here are our top picks. 

 Always the sentimentalist (blame turn of the century, English literature), this year I fell in love with TimehopThe startup pulls together your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram posts from a year ago in daily emails.  

Though not much value from a professional standpoint—except maybe a creative way to revamp your metrics?—Timehop is my favorite startup of 2011. 

- Jade

Path: It’s simple, it’s social and it’s so awesome. I think we’ve all reached a point where our cousins and annoying aunts have figured out how to use Facebook. Twitter by its very nature is not a closed social network and while Google Plus has tried to be a closed network that you can control, it has failed.

Path on the other hand, is just that: a closed social network that lets you share without worrying. 


- Priya

Which startup made me stop and say, “Wow that’s genius” this past year?  Pinterest. Pinterest brilliantly goes above and beyond basic web browser bookmarking by adding a social component in a creative way.

The idea is as simple as bookmarking (pinning) items, pages, quotes, etc. to your personal board. Pinterest makes it social by allowing your friends or followers to like, comment and reshare your pins – just as you would on Facebook. You can also co-author boards with friends, the function I like most.

 One of my friends is expecting a baby boy later this year, so I created a board for my friend and I to pin items we see for him.  

Check out my Pinterest and let me know what you think about what I’ve pinned so far.

- Saiyai